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Kamis, 12 September 2019

Organise Your Wedding Cheap But Chic

The moment you've been waiting all your life has come and now you realise that it is hard work to organise your Perfect Wedding, a lot of time and money has to be spent. Here are some simple suggestions to fulfill your dreams in a cheap but chic way.

Wedding dress

If you can't afford an expensive gown, you can find a wide range of wedding dresses in low prices on the Internet or you can visit a bazaar where dresses of older collections are sold with discount.

Nevertheless, don't be surprised to find the solution in your mother's wardrobe. Maybe she has kept her own wedding dress which can be modified and look like it has been made especially for you.

In case you're planning a summer wedding by the sea, even a simple ethereal dress would be a good idea.

Bridal hair and makeup

The highlight of your image is your makeup and hair. A professional will help you decide what is more suitable for you. If you want to try to do your makeup yourself here you can see some useful instructions.

The most important thing for a nice makeup result is to use a good base. It's up to you what style you want to adopt based on your personality and your dress of course (romantic, modern, eccentric).

Depending on the length of your hair you can try different kinds of hairstyles. The cost of your hair styling varies. You can choose something simple and highlight it with a beautiful veil.

Flower girls

In case you have flower girls, it would be nice if you matched their dresses with the colour of your wedding dress or put on the hair the same flowers that you are going to use on yours.


There are different styles of invitations, formal or modern in a large variety of prices. To save some money, you could send the invitations to the younger guests by e-mail.


If you want to offer special bonbonnieres to your guests but you can't afford it, it's not difficult to create them with your best friends' help. You can buy tulles, boxes, beads and anything you can imagine and it will be much cheaper.


If you want to decorate the church you don't have to address to a professional. You can buy lanterns which you can decorate with flowers and ribbons. Tulles can be placed around which match the colour of your dress, bonbonnieres or flowers. You can also create your own bouquet.


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