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Kamis, 12 September 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Cheap Wedding Favors

Choosing to give away cheap wedding favors is among the most efficient ways for soon-to-be married couples to save on wedding arrangements and preparations. Wedding favors have to accommodate all the guests who are coming to the wedding, and yet they have to look as though they cost more than they do - meaning, they have to look nice, elegant, and appropriate to the wedding's theme and color schemes.

The great thing about cheap wedding favors is that one can play around with them in order to meet those basic requirements - to have enough so that everyone receives one, and for the favors to look nice and classy enough. After all, nice and thoughtful wedding favors do not always need to be expensive. More often than not, they are the cheaper options that were just creatively designed and thoughtfully matched to the wedding's look. After that, they look a number of times more expensive than they actually did.

So how does one play around with cheap wedding favors in order to make them look more spectacular or to add a more personal touch to them? There are many ways. To begin with, even cheap wedding favors do not look cheap at all - they just need a little more work on the packaging or the personalization to upgrade them or make them more upscale. So in line with this, one just needs to know how to enhance its already good features to make it work with a wedding's theme. Here are a few good examples.

Chocolates or candies are a popular choice for cheap favors as one can get them anywhere in bulk, which comes out at a very low cost per handful. To make it more wedding-specific, one can add personalized sticker labels onto them. The theme or motif then shows in the sticker label's design. If, for example, the wedding's color scheme is lilac and soft green, the sticker labels can have a floral lilac background with a soft green frame. A small bunch of chocolates or candies are then placed in an organza pouch, tied with a satin ribbon - that satin ribbon can also be personalized. The total cost for all the favors then just cover the chocolates or candies, the sticker labels, and the satin ribbon printing - all at a low cost.

Another example is matchboxes. Who would have thought that giving out matches would be a great idea? The trick here is to have the box and match head colors blend with the theme again. If those are in place, even though the favors are just a small box of matches, people do not see it that way because what they see is the unusual color of the match heads and how the box matches the whole theme. Oftentimes, customizing matchboxes this way also includes printing the names of the bride and groom on the box, as well as the date of the wedding.

Cheap wedding favors that do not run out like candies or matches are also an option - particularly coasters or cupcake stands. Just like the chocolates and the matches, the trick with these simple items is to personalize them - play around with how it can be done, and one can create very nice wedding favors.

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