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Kamis, 12 September 2019

Cheap Wedding Dresses And Other Ways To Cut The Cost Of Your Wedding Day

With the average cost of weddings rising year on year, many couples are putting off their wedding until they have had more time to save up enough money. However, it is possible to get married without spending thousands and without ruining your big day. Cheap wedding dresses are just one of the ways to cut your costs. Here are some ideas which will bring down the overall cost of your wedding day.

Week day wedding
Weddings on a week day are much less expensive than weddings on a weekend. Although you may have to book further in advance, so that your guest can get time off of work, having a week day wedding can actually save you thousands!

Send E-Invites
Sending out e-invites can save you hundreds on the cost of materials and postage. Theoretically, people should also be able to respond more quickly to the invites which you send via the internet. Using email calendar facilities, people will be able to pop the date straight into their smartphone or computer calendar as well, so they will be less likely to accidentally double book themselves on the day of your wedding.

Cheap wedding dresses
Buying cheap wedding dresses does not have to mean buying low quality pieces of clothing. Although you may have to compromise on some things, there are still hundreds of options for you to choose from. In fact, you may find yourself being inspired to wear something fabulous that you would never normally consider. There are many different ways to get cheap wedding dresses, including internet auction sites, charity shops, factory outlets and overseas sellers.

Make your own table decorations
As well as being less expensive than purchasing readymade table decorations, hand making your own is a great way to assert your individuality on the reception. It will allow you to put sweet and funny touches into the wedding, and it will show your friends and family that you really care.

Make use of your friends and families skill sets
Instead of asking for gifts after the wedding, you can ask people for their support in helping you to host a wedding. For example, if you have a friend or family member who is an excellent baker, ask if they can help to make your wedding cake. Depending on what type of cake you want, and the resources which are used, you may have to contribute, but it will cost much less than using a professional cake decorator.

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